26 October 2008


The second project that I have my students make is a dishcloth. This teaches how to read a pattern and switching from knit to purl in the same row. I find most of my patterns online (thanks to all of those who post them.) The younger kids I teach had trouble keeping track of where they were in the pattern. In this case I had them cast on about 30 stitches and knit 5 rows garter stitch, The next row would be knit, and the next row would be knit 5, purl to the last 5, knit 5. Repeat these two rows until the cloth is almost square. then knit 5 rows garter stitch.
The web site for dishcloth patterns is:

15 October 2008

A Tradition

Okay, so I love to knit. My mom taught me how to knit and her mom taught her. I'm sure the tradition of knitting in my maternal line goes back many generations. I have a sense of carrying the tradition on almost like an inheritance. I know it sounds cheesy but that's the kind of gal I am.

I've recently started to teach others how to knit and I am really enjoying the opportunity to share the craft with others. When I start someone knitting I always start them on a scarf. The first half of the scarf is knit (your basic garter stitch). The second half is purl (is that a reverse garter stitch?). I start them this way so they will get plenty of practice knitting and plenty of practice purling.